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The Sympathetic relationship of Things

Participating Artists: Stanley Brown, Shawna Campbell, Sereal Crawford, Chantell Donwell, Robert Duncombe, Lewis Foster, Nicholas Granch, Renee Rogan, Marquise Rucker, Jeremy Taylor and Donald Thomas

Curated by PASC Staff

Opening: Saturday, September 9, 2023, 6-8pm

September 8 - October 28, 2023

PASC at The Belt
1234 The Belt, Detroit, MI 48226

Friday 3-6pm
Saturday 3-6pm
or by appointment

The Sympathetic Relationship of Things is a group show of artwork by artists across all PASC studios, who work in a style where objects, strokes, or textures form repeated patterns in a single artwork, or across a series. This group show will feature the most artists we've shown in this small space.

The connection between these rendered objects suggests a partnership of seemingly disparate items, or a sympathetic relationship between things. You see this in the energetic artwork of Stanley Brown where each string-like line of his drawings vibrate together to form a chord of feeling. Or in the mixed media artworks of Shawna Campbell where each seemingly abstract mark on closer inspection reveals a language of runes or a numerical sequence. Or Sereal Crawford's schematic drawings featuring a series of anomalous geometric buildings in dreamlike landscapes. And Robert Duncombe's colorful Mondrian-like abstractions, which on closer inspection depict a pattern of cuboid figures holding hands. Or artist Lewis Foster who suggests connections between common objects, commodities and logos, all equally rendered on a white ad-space like void, reminiscent of an apple advertisement.

The Sympathetic Relationship of Things is PASC's final exhibition at PASC at the Belt a temporary gallery space located in the Belt Alleyway in downtown Detroit, which PASC will run through the end of October 2023. We will be opening late on September 23, 6- 8pm to coincide with exhibitions featuring three amazing artists, Tiffany Alfonseca, Monica Hernandez and Sara Nickleson opening at Library Street Collective and Louis Buhl galleries in across from PASC in the Belt alleyway. All future PASC exhibitions will be held at our forthcoming PASC Detroit LANTERN gallery opening in November 2023. 

PASC at the Belt is made possible through a partnership between PASC, Library Street Collective and The Skip, and a grant from MACC.