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Cosmic Connections

Dennis Cenzer, "Nighttime Light Orbs", 2023, mixed media on paper, 18 x 24 in

Participating artists: Manual Bart, Autumn Bez, Jirard Bond, Stanley Brown, Therrin Burns, Alyce Carter, Dennis Cenzer, Jon Coleman, Ryan Cooke, Santina Dionisi, Robert Duncombe, Zainab Elhasan, Bethany Fater, Alex Ferguson, Derrick Hall, Montgomery Matthews, Billy Medley, Megan Mowers, Justin Pollard, Josef Rampp, Randy Rodriguez, Amanda Ross-Ferree, Marquise Rucker, Nicholas Tamsen, James Tischler, and Theodore Thornton

Curated by Hannah Lilly

Opening: February 29, 5-7pm

PASC Southgate Gallery
13721 Eureka Road, Southgate, MI 48195

Monday-Friday 10am-3pm
or by appointment

Exhibition Dates: February 29 – May 31


We are a way for the cosmos to know itself

- Carl Sagan.

Knowing ourselves can give us cosmic insight as we are all connected, through our DNA to the stars to the outer universes. In this group show, Cosmic Connections, PASC artists showcase how they view our universal connections through figurative and abstract language. From depictions of the planets, to showing our human and natural commonalities, to imagining far away cosmic lands. The artists featured here share a through-line of connection. We invite you to imagine a world of humanity's oneness with nature, each other and the stars in this hopeful, multimedia representation of the macrocosm.

Each artist has created details of the cosmos that we can only imagine, and through the act of creating the unknown they know a bit more about our human world. And because the larger world is a reflection of our inner world, the diversity of the artist's personal voice and experiences are mirrored in the wide breadth of artwork in this show. The artworks in Cosmic Connections range from the 1969 moon landing and exotic beings to lights in the sky and planets in space, to interconnected abstract lines and marks.

PASC was launched in January 2021 as the first progressive art and design studio in Detroit and Wayne County dedicated to supporting adults with developmental disabilities and mental health needs to advance independent artistic practices and individual career paths in the art and design fields. PASC runs three studios in Westland, Detroit and Southgate, Michigan, as well as a virtual art studio program, and we support over 180 artists across Wayne County. PASC is a program of Services to Enhance Potential (STEP) a non-profit service organization, founded in 1972, that provides services and supports for 1400+ individuals with disabilities and mental health issues across Southeastern Michigan.

Our exhibitions program is supported with grants from the Michigan Arts and Cultural Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.